About Us

As the world’s population keeps increasing so does the demand for food, in particularly fresh and healthy food. Millions of people around the world struggle to eat everyday and access to food remains a major issue. As we strive to reduce the number of food deserts or food insecure areas, we have to ensure that the supply of food will continue to increase and provide creative and yet simple solutions to ensure that all of our communities are fed and at the same time reduce food waste.

Small farmers are responsible for the majority of the food that we eat, yet they still struggle to market their produce and to reduce food waste. We rely on them to provide us with food, and with so many of us shifting towards a more plant-based diet the demand for fresh vegetables and fruits keeps increasing but, in many cases, not the farmer’s income.

At AgroCulture, we understand that small farmers play a big role in feeding our communities and how important it is to have access to fresh food. Having that in mind, we wanted to add one more player that we feel will have significant impact in increasing the supply of fresh fruits and vegetables particularly in food insecure areas. These are the home growers-HomeGroers- that have great vegetable gardens in their home and sometimes do not consume all of it because they have produced in excess.

Having home growers use our platform to sell their produce makes it easier for people to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables without having to make long trips to the supermarket.

By using our platform, farmers can sell to a much bigger audience without having to spend a lot of money to put their produce in the market. With a bigger audience, there are more people to sell to and the probability of wasting the produce is reduced. Farmers also get ratings which allows them to have more visibility.

With our platform, home growers have the opportunity to create an extra income by selling the vegetables and fruits they grow in their backyard. This way, the surplus that they have will not go to waste, instead will bring them extra income while connecting with their community. For the food that’s not sold, farmers and homegrowers have the option of donating it to organizations that would use these vegetables to prepare food for people who don’t get to eat every day.

AgroCulture is a company created to ensure that everyone that loves and produces fresh foods has a voice and a platform. By partnering with small farmers and home growers we hope that one day we will all be able to reduce the number of hungry people in the world, while providing small farmers and home growers with additional income that can be used to grow their farms and increase their financial health.

-Food is hope, hope is farming the way into a world where we will not have a single hungry person! -Amina Horta, Founder