AgroCulture Sales Agreement

To become an Approved Buyer or Seller or both, Register with AgroCulture and agree that;

All details are to the best knowledge of the party at the time of submission. In case of changes in the information, the Buyer or Seller will notify AgroCulture directly by either phone or email.

When using the online service, all parties must adhere to the Terms and Conditions outlined by AgroCulture. No passwords shall be disclosed or shared with third parties for any unlawful purpose.

Sellers and Buyers must not use any device or software that can interfere with the proper working of the site.

This Agreement between (Buyer) and (Seller) is governed by the following terms and conditions:

AgroCulture is a trading platform where sellers may list, market and sell fresh produce to buyers.

A Seller is a party who uses AgroCulture to sell Products. All sellers are required to provide the product information that is to be sold, including its price and description. AgroCulture retains the right to refuse to deal with sellers at its complete discretion.

The Buyer agrees that it is their responsibility to perform due diligence before entering into the agreement to buy the products. This includes research, stock clearance, or anything that could inhibit their future use of their purchased items.

All registered clients (whether Buyer or Seller) must agree that all correspondence including the supply of materials and contract negotiation will be done through AgroCulture. Buyers must not contact Sellers without express permission from AgroCulture. Sellers also agree not to contact Buyers without express consent from AgroCulture.

The Seller is responsible for selling, transferring and delivering the goods to the buyer on or before (add date).

The Buyer will inspect and accept the goods. Payments shall be paid by (Cash/Card/Others) as discussed in this agreement.

Buyer and Seller shall be liable to each other for damages resulting because of failure on their part to perform the necessary steps to complete this transaction. This also involves intentional wrongdoing or gross negligence.

Both, the Seller and the Buyer should acknowledge the purchase price before the agreement.

All products must be stored in the most optimal storage conditions and made available for delivery to Buyers upon accomplishment of a request. The delivery method will be what is agreed in the Contract.

Buyers listed on AgroCulture must request and receive products at their own risk. AgroCulture takes no responsibility for differences between the products delivered by the seller or reclaimed by the buyer.

The contract of sale shall exist between the Buyer and the Seller for (add number) working days from the date of acceptance by the seller of an offer from the buyer or vice versa.

Should a Buyer wish to change the order, a new contract for the lesser amount of the product must be issued and verified by AgroCulture. Any damages to the Seller must be taken care of by the Buyer.

At no stage will AgroCulture be responsible for any deficiency in quality or quantity in respect of the Product. The sale process is conducted by AgroCulture as a service and convenience to the Seller and the Buyer. Neither AgroCulture nor its staff can be held responsible for any failure to execute sales orders.


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