Benefits of Home Gardening for Food Insecurity

Food insecurity is one of the biggest issues of our time. Maybe you cannot afford the quality of produce you need, or simply is not on the shelf at the grocery store near you. Fortunately, growing your own vegetables at home is very easy, dependable, affordable, and rewarding.

Before we get started, here is a quick fact that may inspire you to take the leap, and fall head over heels in love with home gardening:  

According to the market-garden model, a couple can make six figures off of 1.5 acres of land (Jean-Martin Fortier The Market Gardener). This solves food insecurity not just in your own household, but also in a community of around 150-200 people. Not to mention, the produce is fresh, organic, healthy, and affordable for all members involved.

If you are able to take up farming, you can positively impact your family, community, yourself, and the planet. People will come to depend on you for their food, which is an incredibly honorable position to hold.

Growing food for your own community also drastically reduces your dependence on grocery stores, and farms across the world. The average citizen more than likely does not realize the delicate balance of societal norms. In order to get asparagus from Peru to North Carolina, for instance, is a feat that, given a clean slate, would have people gawking. Especially considering asparagus is ridiculously easy to grow on your own, not to mention, it comes back every year.

Growing vegetables for yourself and for your community also brings awereness and gives hope. People can come together and learn how to farm from your example. Before you know it, you have a farmer’s market where everybody is sharing their own specialty, and you are no longer responsible for the bulk of the items. Thus, setting the example by growing your own vegetables inevitably leads to more people becoming inspired to grow their own, which helps with food insecurity across the board.

Growing your own food inspires self-sufficiency, creativity, independence, and a high sense of personal reward. There is probably nothing more satisfying that picking a fresh tomato from your own tomato plant and bringing it inside to prepare on your cutting board. Even more wonderful is the smile you see on your neighbor’s face when she has a healthy and dependable food source to provide for her children.

If you are interested in getting started, do some research about different types of home-gardening. You can start small and grow just enough for yourself and your family. Other people will follow suit, thereby lowering their dependence on large-scale, for-profit agriculture. Food insecurity will all but vanish when you take the reins and plant your own seeds in your own backyard.

06 Apr 2020

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