Marketing for Small farmers

Most shoppers, especially the city dwellers, do not realize that small farmers and home growers are actually the ones who provide the majority of our food. However, with all the problems throughout the globe nowadays, it is hard to fulfill the usual task of having to get that food to market. That, of course, severely affects the grower's income and leaves him or her with a variety of high hurdles to deal with.

What is needed is more companies like AgroCulture of Addison, Texas, with a platform of helping the small growers to bring the food to market for not only the growers' benefit but also for all those consumers who demand fresh fruits and vegetables for the health of themselves and their families. With the always-increasing demand for food and plant-based diets being even more regularly recommended, that gives an extra necessity for those products. Having found a way to approach a bigger audience, there are more people to sell to, and the probability of wasting the produce is also reduced

It is important to have access to fresh food, and its supply is often limited in food-insecure areas. Home growers are encouraged to produce much more in their private gardens or backyards than what is needed by their own families so that the excess is available for sale to make much-needed extra income and to play a role in decreasing any public shortages. Since much of this excess is used in nearby communities, it makes it possible for customers not to have to make long trips to the grocery stores, many of which may not be readily available. 

What is done with the food that isn't sold?

The growers have an option to donate it to various organizations that would use it to prepare food for people who don’t get to eat every day and thus realize that they are doing a service for the community.

How does AgroCulture do it?

They set up what is very much like an open-air farmer’s market where the vendors offer the healthy produce directly to the buyers right from the ground when it is at its very freshest. That saves the customers money because the grower doesn't have all the costs that are associated with the transport of the produce to the appropriate stores or vendors, buying the gas, hiring the needed employees, and also having the costs of marketing to obtain the customers. It also brings the local community into the picture so is a “win-win” for everyone. By using this platform, growers can sell to a much bigger audience without having to spend a great deal of money to do their own marketing. Receiving ratings also allows them to have more visibility, which adds a lot to their sales.

What are AgroCulture's further missions and goals?

They want to ensure that the food supply will continue to increase and keep on providing simple and creative solutions to make sure that all communities are fed and, at the same time, reduce food waste. They want to bring communities even more together by giving the small farmers and home growers an easy way to connect with and feed those communities.  

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