3 of the Best Vegetables to Plant at Home During the Summer

If you're looking to start a veggie garden at your home during this summer, here are three great options for you to consider. You easily can incorporate these selections into meals and snacks. And if you want an easy side hustle, you could sell these veggies, or your creations with them, to your family, friends and neighbors. 

You also might be able to make some extra cash at your local farmer's market. Opt for starter plants since seeds will take longer to mature. Know that you shouldn't have to spend more than five dollars per plant. Finally, understand that with these choices, you unlock various nutritional benefits. 

1. Tomatoes 

This vegetable is loaded with lycopene. This chemical compound has been shown to combat prostate cancer and improve heart health. It's also partly why tomatoes are red. This veggie also is packed with folate, potassium, and vitamins C and K. In addition to benefitting mental and physical wellness, tomatoes are popular go-to's for meals and snacks. 

Toss them into your salads, or top tomato slices with balsamic, basil, and mozzarella for a tasty appetizer. Also, throw tomatoes into homemade pasta sauce. Make garden fresh salsa, too. You could sell your pasta sauce and your salsa. 

2. Yellow Squash 

Grill them with black pepper and salt. Or, drizzle a little steak sauce on your squash before placing them on the barbecue rack. Also, boiling them with white onion provides you with a delicious side for entrees. Save your leftovers from the boiled pot, too. Mix them with cheddar, cracker crumbs, pepper, and salt for a tasty casserole. Don't forget you also can fry them. Cut the squash to around the size of a small potato chip. They also make a delicious soup. 

Yellow squash is high in vitamins, A, B6, and C. Also, this vegetable is praised for its beneficial beta-carotene, fiber, folate, magnesium, and riboflavin. This veggie also combats inflammation and assists with the digestion of fats and the processing of carbohydrates.

3. Sweet Potatoes

While you can absorb healthy nutrients from any type of potato, the sweet potato could be your healthiest choice. You can benefit from the fiber, potassium, proteins, and vitamin A. When it comes to ways you can enjoy them, you won't run out of options. 

Bake them in your oven and top them with cream cheese, tomatoes, onions, herbs and lemon. Alternatively, you can cut them open and top with a heavy sprinkle of brown sugar. Then, drizzle butter on top. You also can cut them into short, thin strips for frying. Sweet potato casserole combines all of your aforementioned items with chopped pecans and bite-size marshmallows for an amazing side-dish. 

Enjoy Your Summer Vegetable Garden 

One or more of these suggestions should work for you. Know not all of your options are guaranteed to grow in your conditions, though. Pay special attention to climate and maintenance needs on your end before making your decisions. Light, soil quality, temperature, and water requirements are among your most important considerations. However, as a general rule of thumb, these three aforementioned vegetables should be suitable for your home garden. Give them a shot.


31 Jul 2020

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