Privacy Policy


An online marketplace where registered sellers can advertise fruits, vegetables and grains and registered buyers can offer to buy. Both parties can contact each other through AgroCulture website and negotiate price and shipping terms.

Both buyers and sellers will post their offers on our website detailing the product they are looking to sell or buy, respectively, including the quantity available or sought, price per pound and delivery terms.

The necessary details of the produce include but are not limited to, type of vegetable or fruits being sold, requirements and quality. Sellers are to deliver only fresh produce and in the condition stated in their post. AgroCulture reserves the right to terminate accounts of buyers that do not deliver fresh produces.

The necessary details of grains include but are not limited to, type of grain, grade (per the US Grain Commission’s grading tables) or bushel weight of the grain, organic requirements, moisture content (for sellers) or requirements (for buyers), state in United States of America respectively, town or city, transportation terms, year of grain delivery or pickup from the aforementioned location, specific quarter, month, and/or week time frame of delivery or pickup of grain, payment terms for the deal, the units the grain is measured in, the quantity of the grain (in the aforementioned units), the price per unit, the year that the grain was grown, a picture and/or document that can help represent and/or verify the quality of the grain (for sellers only.)

All prices posted by buyers are expected to be, without exception, a net price offering, meaning the purchase-per-unit price is net of all, without limitation, tariffs, taxes, service charges, and any other transactional fees, unless indicated otherwise. Prices listed with any listing are conditional to the currency for which the listing is posted such as U.S. Dollars (regardless of transportation option). Transportation is charged separately and is conditioned to the location of where the products are being delivered.

The Website is simply a platform for connecting sellers and buyers of fruits, vegetables grain and for the exchange of contact information for the deliver of the produce. AgroCulture is not a clearing-house or a party to any contract for the sale and purchase of produce negotiated via the Website. The Company nor the Website is not, nor should ever be considered or categorized as, a broker, agent, or trader for either party.

Terms of sale (commodity, grade, quantity, price per quantity, delivery time frame, delivery terms, payment terms, and/or any pertinent information) must be identified by the users as part of their Listing. Subject to any terms which change by the AgroCulture email, text message, and Website negotiation, these terms form the theoretical connection between sellers and buyers who agree to a transaction via the Website.

Farmers are required to have a merchant account with PayPal in order to receive payments from AgroCulture. Farmers will be paid once the buyer confirms receipt of the product in the conditions that was promised.


All information accessed at or via the Website is provided ‘as is’ without any expressed or implied warranty by the Company. The content of Listings relies on data received from registered vegetable, fruits and grain sellers and registered buyers by us in good faith on the basis of warranties made by them however we are unable to verify the accuracy of this information.

We cannot and do not warrant or represent that:

1. users are over 18 and otherwise have the capacity to enter into contractual relations’;

2. users have the capacity to perform their obligations under a contract between buyer and seller negotiated via the Website

3. any statement made by or attributed to a user of this Website is accurate or not misleading including (without limitation) the quantity, quality, or type of produce listed. You may refer any accuracies or concerns to, which we will deal with at our discretion with respect to both parties involved.

You agree that negotiations, deals, and all other contact between you and other users of the Website are conducted entirely at your own risk.

It is your responsibility to verify any information on the Website before relying on it. You agree that any purchases, sales, exchange of monies and/or of produce, or any other deals will be made solely in reliance on your own inquiries and inspections and that we have not made any warranties about the truth and/or accuracy of Listings or other advertisements, the suitability, quality, and/or existence of listed items, and/or the ability of users to actually enforce or complete a transaction. We do not warrant that sellers are the legal owners of produce listed.

You acknowledge that we are not liable for any direct, indirect, and/or consequential loss of damage (including legal fees and other expenses incurred) arising from or in any way connected with your use of the Website, the purchase, sale, acceptance, or other agreement between users of the Website, and/or any inaccuracy or incompleteness of information contained on the Website or any related printed material.